19th century watercolour of British living in India

While clearing out the attic of her mother’s house, Bryony Hill came across a box full of documents relating to her ancestors' lives in India from 1818 onwards. The result of the find was two books: Scotland to Shalimar – a Family’s Life in India, in which she recounts the aspects of their lives in India in the 19th Century; and An Indian Table concerning the foods that they ate.


Bryony agreed to read three extracts from the books for Talking of Food. The first extract is from the introduction to Scotland to Shalimar, in which she recounts the finding of the albums.

The second extract is also from Scotland to Shalimar, and concerns the management of servants, and their relations with the family.

The final extract is from the introduction to An Indian Table, in which Bryony explains about the recipes.

Bryony has given us two of her favourite recipes from the collection*: a recipe for “Meat Curry”; and one for “Great-uncle Alick’s Fish Pie

Although Bryony has retained the layout of the originals in the books, we have regularised the format in line with the other recipes on the site.

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