Other food stories

Patrice Cauchard, a French chef from Normandy, was the owner of Darcau on Bedford Corner in Chiswick, now sadly closed. He had formerly been head chef at Brinkley's, the highly popular South Kensington Brasserie and had provided dinners for a couple of Prime Ministers, President Clinton and Her Majesty The Queen. Exclusively for Talking Of Food, Patrice and his assistant cooked two classic dishes from his native Normandy, Guinea Fowl Vallée d'Auge and a Leek and Camembert Tartlet.

Ace Cafe on London's North Circular Road has been serving bikers since 1938.  Hattie Garlick visited recently and learnt how, after being destroyed in an air-raid in 1940,  it became the world famous haunt it is today getting through an astonishing 7 tons of sausages a year. But how does a vegan survive in this world of leathers and bacon sandwiches? Hattie tracked down Vegan Biker Boy for some answers.

Baron Bigod Cheese in box

Baron Bigod is the only Brie de Meaux style cheese made in the UK. Jonny Crickmore of Fen Farm near Bungay in Suffolk told Talking of Food how it came about.

Brick Lane in London's East End has been the home to an ever-changing community over the last five or six decades.

Elliot Lang interviews his grandfather, a local resident who remembers the days when Brick Lane reflected its predominantly Jewish population. One product has remained constant throughout - the  bagel,  which has always been a feature of this vibrant market street.

Old Gloucester cows

In 1972, the Old Gloucester cow was very nearly extinct; according to Charles Martell, there were only 68 left in the world. How could the breed be saved?

Fulbright Scholar, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the City University of New York, Latif Jiji is also the only person known to grow, harvest and turn his grapes into wine in Manhattan! He resides on the upper East Side. Leaving his native Baghdad in 1946, Professor Latif, a Jew, never returned to the country of his birth but continued the tradition of his father, who also grew wine.

A man with a dark passion. At Philip Neal in London's Turnham Green can be found some of the best chocolate in town. His ambition is to change people's habits, to get them to understand what great chocolate tastes like and eventually to open the best chocolate lounge in the country. He explains both his passion and his dreams.

Ever wished that you could cut down on your food bills? Artist and activist Spring Exprit (Eugenia Beirer) may have the answer. Call it "Dumpster Diving", "Skipping" or even "Freeganism", on the face of it “food salvage” is simply the practice of retrieving and eating food that others have thrown away. But it goes much deeper than that, calling in to question the workings of the entire capitalist economy. Oh, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun too.