Kitchen Man

kitchen man

Talking Of Food is delighted to welcome on board eminent writer, journalist and broadcaster, Paul Levy, for a series of podcasts, Kitchen Man.

In his first podcast, “What’s the beef?”, Paul Levy talks about his favourite cuts of beef for steak, discusses Galician beef and tries to pin down English equivalents of those French favourites, bavette and onglet.

In his second podcast, "Japan", Paul Levy talks about the history of Japanese food, quoting Bee Wilson in her new book, First Bite, to show that our belief that it must have a long history is completely misconceived. He also asks the question what other nation has changed their food culture as radically as the Japanese. His answer is perhaps surprising.

Salad dressing is Paul Levy’s latest topic. Growing up in Kentucky in the 1950s, salad dressing came ready made in bottles.  Memories of the different brands and styles available in bottled form hark back to a time when that vital ingredient, olive oil, was generally unavailable in the USA (or indeed the UK). A distant recollection of  a small tin of olive oil brought back from France by a rich aunt after a trip to Europe for the Festival of Britain in 1951 is among the many anecdotes he relates in this most entertaining podcast. There is more; he gives us his formula, and method, for achieving a first class salad. Enjoy!