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Hello! My name is Ella. I’m 15 years old, literature enthusiast, avid traveller, star gazer, Head Girl and above all, lover of all foods. My first blog post is inspired by Marguerite Patten.

Back to school at the start of the academic year, Ella reminisces on a memorable meal overlooking the Aegean during the summer holidays and the joy of Greek cooking.

In this week's blog entry, Ella prepares for Halloween...>

Ella's latest topic is... breakfast. It seems that the majority of us give it a miss.  How about you?

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Ella's latest entry, Healthy Alternatives, includes a recipe for guilt free doughnuts. Is there really such a thing? Check it out here.

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>Ella's first reaction to the subject of her latest entry, Fermenting, was 'ew'. Did she change her mind?

When travelling, meeting local people who live their life through food is probably one of my favourite things to do; those I have met have so much pride and fervency in showing you key ingredients to family recipes, passed down through generations to become the centre of small, family run restaurants.