Making Pierogi dough. The Rich Tradition: Slovakia

The Black Forest in southern Germany, famous for its gateau and cuckoo clocks, is actually a land of small farmers and foresters. Like traditional rural communities everywhere, nothing is wasted.In this episode, Elisabeth Luard is shown how to make the regional onion tart, apple tart and also spätzle by both the traditional method and a more modern way.

As in many communities of small farmers, nothing goes to waste; the farmers have the right to make schnapps, often from fermented apple and pear mash, and after the distillation, the left over mash goes to feed the cows. The Black Forest is also famous for its sausages, hams and other pork products, and Elisabeth visits a 300 year-old family pork business. The winters there are long and snow-bound, so traditional skills like wood-carving and black-smithing are preserved. Of course, Germany is famous for its drinking songs and its beer, so the episode ends with a song, a beer and a chaser of schnapps.

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