In this week's blog entry, Ella prepares for Halloween...>

Halloween: a harvest festival or the national excuse to gain 10 pounds overnight?!Pumpkin spiced latte I can never decide.  
Although I’ve always seen Halloween as a way of bridging the gap between summer and of course the most festive season of the year, to many of my friends the last week in October is more important by a long shot than Christmas and so weeks leading up to the 31st, party planning is underway – a mass operation anyone overlooking could quite easily mistake for the production of a new James Bond movie; with pounds of fake blood and a number of silk dresses being added to the shopping lists followed by complementary cat ears and the ‘perfect’ pumpkin.

Every spare minute available in physics lessons or walking to our dance class is full with the discussion of new recipes to make like marshmallow meringue ghosts or pumpkin cake pops and even more ideas about what you can do with the 10 insides of pumpkins accumulated over one evening like thick soups and our favourite: pumpkin spiced lattes (so on trend right now!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love this excitement and opportunity to spend days straight in the kitchen, as, if I’m ever given a choice, I tend to bake to compliment the sweet palate of my friends and Halloween is definitely the best excuse for this!

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