When travelling, meeting local people who live their life through food is probably one of my favourite things to do; those I have met have so much pride and fervency in showing you key ingredients to family recipes, passed down through generations to become the centre of small, family run restaurants.

Cheese Pie Man 2The Cheese pie man.

In a small bakery at the foot of the Aegean Sea, I met a man who has spent 65 years in his kitchen baking his family’s cheese pies. Made with the town’s own goat cheese, his kitchen brought a strong familiarity and personality to the small hillside town against the gentle lull of summer travellers. He made baking feel like an art form, balancing several batches of pastry effortlessly at once – working out timings through touch and colour. With no language overlap, through mime and a face full of passion he was able to express how much culture there is to learn through food.

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