The Rich Tradition: Episode 1 Mull



After looking at the fundamentals of peasant cookery and traditions, Elisabeth Luard goes on to describe the cookery and traditions on the Scottish island of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, which was her home for many years.

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In Revisiting "The Rich Tradition", Elisabeth Luard gives an updated introduction to the video series based on European Peasant Cookery. Other episodes in The Rich Tradition include: Andalucia in southern Spain; The Ruthines of Slovakia; Mediterranean Seafood; Provence in France; Holland; Sweden; Slovakia; the Black Forest in Germany; Hungary; Friuli in Italy; Cork in Ireland; Lent and Easter in Eastern Europe; and the bonus episode, Home from the Sea, in Tangier, Morocco.

Anne Dolamore talks to Elizabeth Luard watch here.

Elisabeth Luard reads an extract from European Peasant Cookery, her book on which The Rich Tradition series was based.

Elisabeth Luard reads extracts from her latest book Squirrel Pie (and other stories) Adventures in Food Across the Globe.

Elisabeth’s latest project, Cookstrip, is a cartoon cookbook illustrated with her own watercolour sketches.  Subscribe for a range of rewards!



  • Guest (Elisabeth Luard)

    Dear Zoe: Go for it! "Joined-up Cooking" sounds like a great idea and I'm very glad to have been of help in encouraging you to put pen to paper. I'm working on a full-colour cartoon cookbook, "Cookstrip" with crowdfunders, for more or less the same reason - to help people who are scared of cooking to get into the kitchen and cook. Good luck!

  • Guest (Zoe Meyer)

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your lovely film about Mull and its dishes. It was both charming and informative and I watched it right through . I notice that garlic does not feature in any of the Scottish recipes!

    I also enjoy reading your column in The Oldie.

    I am preparing a cookbook with a difference at the moment - provisional title JOINED-UP COOKING, which will feature quite a lot of mind-maps and workflow charts. The main concept behind it is to encourage the many people I know who have stopped cooking altogether or those who haven't a clue where to start cooking on a regular daily basis. I live on my own and enjoy cooking for myself and any friends I invite or who drop by. I always have a home-made soup or even two on the go, which I can keep going for weeks on end. In fact, I often forget how they started. I have always been a keen cook - brought up on Elizabeth David and Julia Child. I think sourcing and preparing your own food, trying out new things, discovering and reading about new ingredients is a vital aspect of life itself and those who reach for the cook-chill food at the supermarkets don't really understand what they are missing out on.
    Your writing, books and the film all reflect my own school of thought.

    All good wishes,

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