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Ella's latest topic is... breakfast.  It seems that the majority of us give it a miss.  How about you?

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64% of the English do not eat breakfasts on a day-to-day basis.
Yep, I don’t really understand them either!

This may sound strange to the other third of us, but possibly stranger still to the foreign who still see Britons as the food loving people we used to be (and of course many of us still are.)
Breakfast is written in our culture – so much so that my French exchange’s Grandmother believed that my sister and I had a full English breakfast daily (I assure you, not true!) and so when I informed her that so many people I know miss out on eating in the morning without even really thinking about it, she dropped the three shells she was holding into a bowl filled with the scrambled eggs.

The Internet has begun to revolutionise our thoughts on eating, as food in headlines has become merged with scientific research, stating that you can actually ‘Eat more, lose weight’! My friends definitely don’t believe this and still, despite my incessant lectures on why morning food can actually speed up your metabolic rate, they neglect to take 3 minutes away from their sleep patterns to eat!

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