Soho Landmarks - Maison Bertaux

  • Guest (Alice Bolduc)

    I know this place! I use to practice my English with this lovely lovely woman. It was great to see such an authentic and good spirited family business in Soho. Maison Bertaux is truly a landmark in it's own trait. It was so funny when she said that at first she was terrified of everybody the first time she started her job there, but now she terrifies everybody. That's the real cycle :)

    Regards & continued success, Alice.

  • This platform is very good, I like very much, thank you.

  • Guest (rahul)

    Someone trading for 140years and talking about good service, all business sense, really? Right, lets see how it matches up with my personal experience 21/08/12.
    I called in to order a cake for my best friend knowing from their website that they actually do deliveries. The lady on the phone said we actually DONT do deliveries in london, please call patisserie valerie for delivery (what really- kidding right!) so I referenced their own website and she agreed to do it for a price. [With this plethora of ego, attitude whatever you want to call it, the business deal had already fallen - just she didn't knew about it]. I went along to give details where cake is to be delivered etc. etc. and to my surprise she asked for a cheque to be deposited (really this is 2012 - & sorry if I dont have cheque book as I have never used it - and more so the cheque would take forever to clear & my delivery is day after) but she said this is norm. After this she said the delivery will be through black cab & £20 would be charge(really in this tough times you have nerves to advertise about deliveries but dont even have dedicated service - I mean you might as well charter a flight to deliver cakes from now on, forget black cabs). Finally she said I'll call back after finalizing everything to which I'll wait and gracefully decline.
    I'd chosen them after reading reviews but in my experience always expect the unexpected.

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