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Champagne Marie-Noëlle Ledru Cuvée du Goulté Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs 2011 £64.99

Marie-Noelle Ledru

This is a rarity and an amazing find, as landing Goulté in any quantity has become well-nigh impossible. Well done David Motion at The Winery in Maida Vale for his persistence.

A gift for serious wine lovers, this is viticultrice Marie-Noëlle Ladru’s top cuvée, 100% Pinot Noir, 100% Grand Cru, hand-harvested, hand-riddled, hand-degorged and made in miniscule quantities; a frivolous Monday night wine it certainly is not.

Despite being pressed exclusively from famously fruity Pinot Noir, this wine is clean, bright and citrussy, with a thrilling backbone of chalk and steel and a seductive creamy finish - although oak is not used in its production. Fine, dry and firm, it’s a true expression of her tiny 3 hectare vineyard in Ambonnay and its mineral-rich soil.

A champagne of this quality can be drunk on its own, but this one really shines when paired with food. Try it with white fish and a gentle, foamy butter sauce to experience the depth, flavour and crisp acidity at its very best.

Available from The Winery, 4 Clifton Road, London W9 1SS, 020 7286 6475,


Richard Dudley Craig, Wine Consultant and Importer


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