This is an audio-only version of the series in which Reza Mahammad talks to prominent figures in the Food and Hospitality industry.

In this new series, Reza Mahammad talks to prominent figures in the Food and Hospitality industry, particularly about how the industry is being affected on the one hand by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and on the other by Brexit, and how each has been coping with the situation.

Mohsin Abbas, Director of Arts Versa and Ramadan Festival, and Reza Mahammad of Star of India have a fascinating and enlightening discussion about Ramadan, what it represents to the followers of Islam and the thinking behind its discipline. This was the first in Talking of Food's series of films about foods eaten at different religious festivals.

With his usual infectious energy and enthusiasm, Reza Mahammad tells us how a trip to Durban in South Africa inspired one of the dishes in his beautiful new book, Reza's Indian Spice: Eastern Recipes for Western Cooks.  And then he shows us how it's done!

Reza Mahammad, owner of the famed 'Star Of India' in Kensington, TV celebrity and much loved personality, talks about his father’s early struggles when he arrived as a stowaway in 1937. He and a handful of friends attempted to establish Indian cuisine in England and eventually succeeded in changing the eating habits of a nation.

In the first episode of Chef's Table with Reza Mahammad, Reza talks to the Tanner brothers, founders of Tanners Restaurant in Plymouth and owners of Barbican Kitchen in Plymouth and The Kentish Hare in Tunbridge Wells.