In the first of Talking of Food's series of interviews and debates on genetically modified (GM) foods, agricultural journalist and author, Diane Montague, interviews Vivian Moses, Visiting Professor of Biotechnology at King's College London, and the resulting discussion sets out what GM is and what the major issues are. It is a fitting introduction to the further discussions.

In the third of our series of debates on GM foods, we filmed a discussion between Professor Jonathan Jones FRS of The Sainsbury Laboratory, and Peter Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association, outlining their opposing views on this issue. The meeting was hosted by John Shrive at Nelson House in Holt, Norfolk.

In a wide ranging and informative discussion, Michael Summers, an independent consultant specialising in plant breeding and biotechnology with more than 40 years international experience in the sector, talks to John Shrive about plant breeding and genetic modification. In line with our policy on reporting the GM debates, this conversation has not been edited except for technical blips. It has been split into 4 sections for ease of use.