Another Glass, Please - no. 4


Vouvray-Sec-2016 main

Richard Dudley Craig declares this Vouvray Sec to be a "smashing summer wine". 

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Another Glass, Please - no. 6



Richard Dudley Craig talks about the forgotten grapes of the Loire and in particular Fié Gris, its near extinction and subsequent revival thanks to a few enlightened winemakers.

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Another (Festive) Glass, Please! Wines for Christmas 2018

The Most Wine-derful Time of the Year

 holly 100


I make no apology for my love of rare and unusual wines. It is, after all, what I do for a living. There are, however, some real finds to be had on the shelves of supermarkets and chain wine merchants and, at this – let’s face it – expensive time of year, what a coup to put something on the table that is both delicious AND affordable....Read on


Richard Dudley Craig gives us his top 10 High Street picks for Christmas 2018.



Another Glass, Please - no. 5



Have you heard of Tempranillo Blanco? Has anyone? It’s something of a trick question, as before 1988, the answer would have been an emphatic ‘no’.

Richard Dudley Craig gives us the lowdown on this 'delicious mouthful'.

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