The Wasp - Order of the boot

comp_waspJust heard that a Danish restaurant has been voted the world's top eaterie. Amongst other offerings they serve carrots with the soil still on them so that "you can reconnect with the earth". I know exactly where my boot would reconnect given half the chance. What absurdly pretentious twaddle. Glad to hear that Heston B is still up there. He's a genuine English eccentric in love with the theatre of food and I doubt whether he could even spell the word pretension.

the wasp, 27 April 2010

  • Guest (izzy)

    Edible soil sound fun not pretentious. I read that as well as carrots they serve radishes in "soil" in a terracotta pot. This is just the sort of thing I've seen on Blumenthal's feasts.

  • Guest (the wasp)

    Even more pretentious then.

  • Guest (earthworm)

    Hey! That's not real soil under those carrots. It's made with hazelnuts, malt and beer. Same sort of thing that Heston does... Apology due to Rene of Noma?

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