Talking of Food is a magazine website set up by a group of people who love not only food but also the diversity of its culture. It is not bound by ideology or momentary fads but has an open mind towards opposing views. Its contributors are often experts in their field and discuss wide ranging subjects such as antibiotics in the food-chain, the opposing arguments on GM food or the future of food. On a lighter note see how they make noodles in China or follow Elisabeth Luard's classic series on European Peasant Cookery.

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Chef's Table with Reza Mahammad

In this new series, Reza Mahammad talks to prominent figures in the Food and Hospitality industry, paricularly about how the industry is being affected on the one hand by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and on the other by Brexit, and how each has been coping with the situation.

The Drinks Aisle

New in The Drinks Aisle: Paul McCarthy's series on the wines of the Middle East and North Africa continues with the wines of Israel in Part 4.

My American Kitchen Notes

Birgitte Kampmann is a classically-trained chef. She spent many years in the U.S.A., later becoming the chef at the American Embassy in Copenhagen. In My American Kitchen Notes, she gives many of the recipes she cooked at the Embassy, along with anecdotes about her experiences and her perceptions of America and American food,

Lockdown Food with Helen Garlick

Helen Garlick started this series during the first Coronovirus lockdown, as we looked at food and assembled meals in a different way, disregarding recipe books and using ingredients that that we may have disparaged in the past. New in: extracts from A Woman in the Polar Night.