Talking of Food is a magazine website set up by a group of people who love not only food but also the diversity of its culture. It is not bound by idealogy or momentary fads but has an open mind towards opposing views. Its contributors are often experts in their field and discuss wide ranging subjects such as antibiotics in the food-chain, the opposing arguments on GM food or the future of farming. On a lighter note see how they make noodles in China or follow Elisabeth Luard's classic series on European Peasant Cookery.

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Lockdown Food with Helen Garlick

I am putting this section together during Coronovirus lockdown. We are looking at food and assembling meals in a different way, disregarding recipe books and using ingredients that that we may have disparaged in the past.

The History of the Wines of Austria

In 1985 a few Austrian wineries, part of a large, poorly regulated industry designed to produce quantity over quality, adulterated their mass-produced wines with a toxic substance, diethylene glycol (an ingredient in anti-freeze), with the intention of making their wines seem sweeter and more full-bodied. These wines were exported to Germany, and some were blended into mass-market German wines; this was discovered when German laboratories tested these wines for quality-control purposes. The scandal rocked the wine-industry. Concentrations of the substance were low enough that nobody died from the tainted wines, but worldwide demand for Austrian wine collapsed overnight.

The Trawlermen

In the 1950s Grimsby was the largest fishing port in the world.  As a result of the Cod Wars with Iceland, this once great industry has been decimated over the last fifty years. The docks, once bustling, are now desolate and left to crumble.

This film is a short tribute to the men who manned the trawlers in all weathers and conditions.