Match of the Day - Sunday

Potato and Frankfurter Salad:

You need an appropriate number of Herta frankfurters, new potatoes, spring onions and parsley.

Make a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper and a generous helping of whole grain mustard.  Add to that a lot of chopped parsley (and any other fresh herbs lurking around, e.g. chives).  Dress the halved or sliced boiled potatoes while still warm and add chunks of cooked frankfuter and the chopped spring onions and mix well. Alternatively,  leave the franks whole and serve on top of the spuds.

Perfect with German wheat beer...

Bavarian Weissbier:

Light or dark, from most supermarkets.  Here are some wonderful tasting notes from Waitrose about theirs:

Dark "this beer has a rich brown, cloudy colour with quite a tight white head. the nose has the spice and floral aspects of many wheat beers, but there is an extra dimension of chocolate giving support. On the palate it is quite thick textured and creamy, though the flavour is a touch weak; it has quite good tart, hoppy flavours and bright fruit that is enjoyable, even though it falls away rather quickly. "

Light "this yeasty wheat beer pours a cloudy caramel colour, with a thick, but quickly disippating off-white head. It has a very nice, typical bavarian wheatbeer aroma, with that faintly elastoplast character, cloves and banana-like, clean fruit. On the palate it is thick and silky-textured, with a very clean, pure fruit character, and lots of spices and apple character coming through."