The Rich Tradition: Episode 6 Holland


The 6th episode takes Elisabeth Luard to Holland, the land of dykes, canals, windmills, Dutch Gin or Genever, cheese, herrings, spice cake …

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Food Acupuncture: article 1

Welcome to the first article of a major series on vitamins, minerals and supplements by Professor Oya Alpar. The aim is to clarify the roles of different vitamins in regard to health, how they work, why we need them and where we can find them.
Professor Alpar introduces the series in the video below.



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The Trawlermen

Grimsby 3

In the 1950s Grimsby was the largest fishing port in the world.  As a result of the Cod Wars with Iceland, this once great industry has been decimated over the last fifty years. The docks, once bustling, are now desolate and left to crumble.

This film is a short tribute to the men who manned the trawlers in all weathers and conditions.


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Pizza Express


Peter Boizot, the founder of Pizza Express, talks about the pioneering days in 1965, when he introduced the pizza to Londoners.

Matthew Fort: Summer in the Islands


Matthew Fort reads extracts from his new book, Summer in the Islands: An Italian Odyssey.

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Chinese windows

Day and Night - A Chinese Kitchen Window